Shayo Octane

Mr. Adabayo is a hard working man and a loving father. He always makes sure that he would be there for his family when they needed him the most. His family have a wonderful life since he gives his best at work. That is why; they love him so much, but for his wife, it is not enough as he needs him to be there on time all the time and that he doesn’t want drinking. But, Mr Adebayo does all the work, so he said to himself that he deserves to drink at times. One day, he works hard and he is about to go home, when one of his officemates told him to come to a birthday party, but the birthday party has a lot of alcoholic drink in it since it is not a child party. Mr. Adebayo forget about the time and now, he needs to rush or his wife would find out about him drinking. The idea here is to get to the house as fast as you can. You would need to drive the car and make sure that the guy reaches the house before he runs out of time. The game would be harder than it is as you make some progress.