Shut up and Drive 2

In the not so distant future, a race is held to settle some disputes here on Earth. The winner is the right one and no one can argue anymore. So, if you are a good car racer then you could have your way here on Earth and not fear anything for you are the law. Well, at least, as long as you are winning some race, you would always be right. Anyway, as one of the best racers in this world, you can get whatever that is you like, so you want to be the best.

This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world wherein no one seems to care about anything no more. Well, that is not important anyway as you just need to focus on winning the race. Drive as fast as you can, but try not to hit any car or anything at all within the game since that would slow you down. That would be the last thing that you should be doing if you want to win the race. The game becomes even more exciting after each level since it becomes harder as most of your opponents would also level up.

Have fun and drive as fast as you can!!!