Siberian Supercars Racing

A race is held every now and then, so that the masses would have something to cheer for. This is also a great money makers for everyone on the business. They make lots of money from this event held every now and then. Of course, those who runs it makes the most and the remaining goes to the staff and participants of the race. Most of the time, it is held somewhere dry since the road would be slippery if it isn't dry. But, this time to make things more exciting, it would be held in Siberia, where there are snow everywhere, which means that this would be a lot dangerous than before.

The idea in this game is to finish each level in a competitive position. Although, you wont' be knocked down from the race, but you would surely get nowhere as you won't have the money to upgrade your car. Other than the racetrack, the other cars would have an upgrade from time to time since they would be competing against you in a race. That is why; it is vital that you get at least the third place, so that you would have the money to upgrade your car.