Smokin Barrels 2

Johnny Fastdraw was happy to be alive, but his friends weren't as lucky as him. Sad to say, all of them are dead and now Johnny wants retribution. He hunts every bandits that he could see to know more about the guy that kill his comrades. He knows that this will not revive his friends, but this would help him to get even at the one that kill his friends. While he was going on his way, he notice a group of bandits and find out that some of them are familiar to him. Immediately, he confronted them to get more info.
The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to do a quick draw. Loser e dead in this game, so you need to shoot the target as fast as you can. After every battle, you would earn stars and the stars dictates how much of the rewards you would take home. You can use the money to buy upgrades for your character. Aside from the upgrades, there are also other things that you can buy to help you win in the game. However, they are of one time use only.

Ready know, who is the fastest gun slinger in the world?