A smuggler is the one that makes money from the illegal things that they entered in the country. It can be anything drugs, gun, and anything that would cause some harm to the people. But, there are times, when the smuggled things are vehicles, goods, and farm produce because they want to avoid taxes. Either way, they are constantly running from the police because what they are doing are illegal.

Seems like an adventure of a lifetime for some, but most people would shy away from such work since they don't have the nerves to do that kind of work. Anyway, this game is all about cats and dogs. Actually, this game has nothing to do with cats and dogs. The idea of the game is to keep driving the truck. Grab those cargo that are being dropped from the plane. Deliver it to the drop zone and get points. You need to drop it to the drop zone as fast as you can, so you can get the maximum points. There seems to be no stopping when you you played this game. The game will need you to drive as fast as you can and drop the cargo nonstop.