Smurfs School Bus Ride

Smurfs are little creature that resembles dwarves, but they are a different race. They are probably related since they are both small and some members of the race posses magic. Anyway, can easily be distinguished because of how the way they look since they got this fluffy tail. They like to sing and do whatever it that makes them happy. When Papa Smurf found a small school bus, he thought that this would be great for the other Smurfs as they would take a ride to learning a lot of things along the way. They would be learning more about their surroundings since the bus would make their travel even faster than before. The idea here is to get to where they need to be as fast as you can. You need to get them safely to the finish line. You need to pick most of the books that you found along the road if you can't get all of them. You can do back to where you want on any level. Of course, you do understand that it depends on the landscape. If it is higher and there is no way that the bus can travel back then you can't go back.