Snow Truck Extreme

The snow is wonderful as it gives us joy, but sometimes, it is just a bother since we can't see the driveway too much. Another thing is that it is said to hide the abominable snow man. It is a mystical creature that eats anything that it sees on the road. You would not want to see one while driving.

It will be Christmas soon and you want to get back home to your family, but sadly your house is at the top of the mountain and going there won't be easy. There will be lots of danger like broken glasses and yetis that will be a hindrance to you just to get there, but you are determined enough.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the destination. Pick those coins that are lying on the road because you can use it later to upgrade your truck. You can also pick up some gas and booster on the road. As you move further and closer to the mountain, the obstacles will be double than before. In short, the game will be harder as you make some progress. Don't forget to equip the bumper and the gun on your truck because you will be needing those.