Snow Truck

The snow is heavy this time of the year. Most vehicles would be useless in this time of the year. In fact even those powerful monster trucks are no match against the thick snow on the road. That is why; every person does their job to shovel the snow from the driveway. Otherwise, it is impossible to use their car on the road and that would be disastrous. They won't be having this hard time, if only they are using a snow truck. A snow truck is built for this times. Basically, they are monster truck with rails on their wheels, making it easier for the trucks to be used in such condition.

Drive your truck as fast as possible and get to the finish line in the least possible time. You need to finish it as soon as possible to get more points as the clock dwindles down, so is the bonus points that you will be getting. However, that is easier said than done since the road is slippery and trail ahead is full of mountains. There are 14 levels in the game and all of them are not easy. You need to drive with extra precaution all the time, so there won't be any accident.