It is getting colder and colder nowadays. In a country like in America, snow are considered a hassle because they block the road and the vehicles can't be use during these times. That is why; those, who can drive a big truck will easily find a job there during the winter season as a snowplower. They are among the most in demand people in such state whenever it is cold. If there are no one to clear the road then most people can't work because they can't simply go to their office or anywhere else to work.

In this game, you need to clear the road of these snow. You need to do that without hitting any other vehicles on the road. If you hit a vehicle then it will keep on buzzing and will never stop. You need to restart it and start all over again. Get the snow into the green area to advance to the next level. The game will be a lot harder as you progress in the game. Sometimes, there will be other things that you need to move before you can do your job. There are no time restrictions in the game, but you would need to do it as fast as you can to earn more. You can use the money to upgrade your truck.