Sonic Racing Zone

We all know that Sonic is the fastest hedgehog, but there are lots of fast characters in the old cartoon series. All of them are vying for the very spot, but we can't deny that they can't compete with the best, so it is better to hold a contest and do it on the racetrack to see, who is the fastest once and for all. For the sake of his enemy, this race would be done with vehicles. Sonic would have to prove that he can not only be the best using his two feet, but he can also drive and prove that he is the racing demon that he is.

In this game, you don't need to be Sonic to prove that you are the best. Each character has its own potential, so you can choose any character you want to be. One thing is important here and that is to win the race. Drive that car as fast as you can and win that race. Grab some rings along the way for more points. The game gets harder and much more challenging as you make some progress. The question is, are you ready to prove yourself to be able to win the race. Remember that you need to be number one to qualify for the next round.