Sonic Truck Wars

One of the fastest guys on the block is nothing else, but Sonic. However, some guys don’t agree with that since there are lots of other guys that is faster than or as fast as Sonic. Unfortunately, some other can’t be seen these days and people don’t know where to find them. So, when you are talking about fast, you can always say that Sonic is one of the fastest. Of course, the other guy such as Knuckles can give Sonic a run for his money. Since the two of them are best friends, a friendly competition is just normal for them. Normally, they would compete on foot, but since they are tired of that old race. They thought of raising the bar. This time, they would drive a monster truck and see, who is able to drive it faster than the other.

When these guys want to know who the better one is, you know that it can’t be settled with just one competition since there are other factors that need to be considered that might affect the other guy. Of course, if there are more races then the other guy, won’t have the means to argue anymore. Whoever wins the race more than the other would be declared as the true winner at the end.

In this game, the idea is to simply rise above the rest. I mean, you should get to the finish line before he does since there are only two of you guys. Before the race starts, you would need to pick your character. There are two options: its either Sonic or Knuckles. Anyway, whoever you choose, it would be up to you to win the race. Both racers are best in racing, so there is no effect if you choose Sonic or not. You have a booster bar and when it is full then you can use it to get ahead of your competition. The game gets tougher as you make some progress.