Space Truck Game

Coal is a valuable resource that we utilize to burn as fuel. They might come in black or brown rock. They come from plant matter that lives a long time ago. The numbers of coals have diminished over the years since it is overly use as fuel. For years, scientists have been thinking about going to another planet to harvest some resource. Now, that dream finally came true as we are able to go to different planet. Going there is just a natural thing and most manufacturing company has invested in a rocket that would take their people there to harvest some coals.

You are working for the mining company and now that you are in Mars, it is up to you to make sure that you would bring home some coals for the planet. Your job is to deliver the coals that are already harvested to the rocket to be transported back to our planet – Earth. As easy as it sound, that is not the case since you might lose some coals while transporting the black rock back to the rocket ship. Of course, you can’t afford to lose it since coal is a vital resource in our planet and that your company would not like it. It might result to you being terminated.

In this game, you need to transport some coals back to the rocket. However, that won’t be easy since the road ahead won’t have a straight path. To be able to get to the next level, you need to deliver at least the minimum number of rocks to the rocket. That won’t be easy since there are lots of obstacles along the way. The game would get even harder as you make some progress.

Do you think that you can do the job?