Space Truck

Mankind has always been wondering if there are other leaving things in the deep space. They say curiosity kills the cat, but there will be no progress if you are not going to try it anyway. In an effort to discover life on other planet, they sent some ships to other planet, but sadly, there wasn't a single soul. However, there are some valuable minerals that could help mankind progress more. The government knows that they will need those minerals so they sent someone to harvest it. After harvesting, they need to put it on a truck that will be driven by robots automatically. It will go to the nearest ship to pick the cargo up.

Wait for the minerals to be loaded. The green lights will turn on once all the minerals are loaded. Drive your truck as fast as possible, but try to exercise safety precautions for obvious reasons. Try not to drop most of the minerals because you will need enough minerals to pass a level. You need to deliver the amount of minerals indicated on the upper right portion of the screen. Prepare for the upcoming levels ahead as it will be harder as you progress in the game.