Spongebob Dangerous Jeep

Spongebob has been known for his sweet image. He is a friend for almost all of the characters in Bikini Bottom, but his best friend is Patrick, the starfish. He is the cook for the restaurant of Mr Crabs and really likes his job. He likes his job very much and is always the employee of the month. From what you have seen on the cartoon series, you might think that Spongebob would never go on a dangerous ride, but that is where you are wrong. He would do that, if that means that he could save lives.

The game is played via mouse and you need to click on the two sides of hill to form a bridge. You can't control the jeep as it will drive its way through dangerous path. It is your job to make sure that Spongebob stays safe while driving. There are no levels in the game as it will continue until Spongebob fell off. The idea here is to keep Spngebob safe while driving his jeep. The farther you get in the game, the more points that you will be getting.

Are you ready for the challenge? Can you help Spongebob clear the dangerous spot on the game?