Spongebob School Bus

Spongebob works at the Krusty Krab, but sadly, his work doesn't pay much. Now, he needs another job to pay for his bills. He is fortunate enough to get hired as a school bus driver. With the new found job, his money would be enough to pay for rent and some extra stuffs that he needs around the house. Since, he is only new on the job, he would need to prove that he is worthy for the job. He need to deliver the children safely to their home or he will be fired if something happens to them. That means that he need to drive as safely as possible.

Drive your bus as fast as possible, but not to the point that you are going to endanger yourself and the children inside it. Always practice some safety precautions when driving any vehicle. Stop when you reach one of the children's house as they will go home. Continue with the journey until you deliver all of them safely to their house. The game will be a lot harder as you progress. Not only the number of children that you have to deliver to their home will increase, but the road itself will become perilous as you progress in the game.