Spongebob snow Plow

Santa is on his way to deliver the presents to all the good kids within the year, but something terrible happened and Santa lost the presents in the snow. Fortunately, Spongebob and his friends were nearby and they saw where the presents fell. They immediately talk to Santa and promise to get back the presents. This must be done quickly or there will be no presents for all those kids. Santa will be pleased and will be eternally grateful if the presents can be returned to him in time for Christmas. This will be impossible for him, if he won't be getting any help from Spongebob and friends.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the dropping point. Run over those pile of snow as they contain the gifts that Santa loss. Try not to lose any of the gifts, but if that is impossible then just try to deliver the number of presents indicated on the upper portion of the screen. You'll start with Sandy, but you will be unlocking more characters as you progress in the game. Of course, expect that the game will be harder as you progress. You need to hurry as this game has a time limit.