Steam Transporter

The coal industry is a rich industry since there are lots of people that still depends on using coals. in fact, you might not know it, but you might be one of the dependents of the coal industry. One of the ways to generate electricity is by using coal to be use as a steam. Of course, one of the popular ways fr using coal is still cooking. The company that hires you belongs to the coal industry and as a driver, it is your job to deliver the coal to the warehouse. As one of the new employees of the company, you want to prove to them that they are right in hiring you.

The idea here is to drive the truck and deliver most of the coals to the warehouse. You do understand that you will lose some of the coals as you drive the vehicle n the road. The road ahead is not a straight one since it is built on top of mountains. That said, it is understood that you will lose some coals, but try to save as much coals as you can along the trip. You will earn more money if you deliver more coal to the extraction point.