Steampunk Truck Race

The future holds lot of advancement in all fields as you can see that there are already new inventions being shown to the public just right now. The inventions are sometime dumb, but overtime, you would see their significance to our lives. The new inventions would make our lives better, but you can't rule out those bad inventions that make life much harder for us. Humans are not perfect at all and you can expect those inventors not to be perfect, but at least they are doing something to make our lives better. Though, it might be always for the better, but what is important is that they are trying to make things easier for us.

In this game, you would drive a new truck that is capable of protecting itself from robots attacking it. It have the umbrella to protect itself from physical attack and speed-up to outrun any attackers. The attacks would come from the robots. Take note that you can't go to the finish line if your truck would explode, so try to avoid the robot's attack. The game would be harder and much more difficult as you make some progress and make it into another level.