Steel Wheels

In a world of monster truck, there is nothing more fearsome than a steel wheels. This type of truck is the most durable of all trucks, but that don't mean that it won't crash if it fell from a very high place. You still need to drive with some necessary precautions, but by all means, this truck holds the most durable body of all. This type of truck are mostly used by military troops since its body is very durable that bullets can't get through it, meaning that the troops in it are safe from enemy attacks. This truck can hold a mountain machine gun and a grenade launcher.

In this game, you will experience, how it is to drive a steel truck. The idea in this game is to drive your truck as fast as possible till you reach the finish line. But, that can't be done in one try because the finish line is too far. You need to collect some gas and perform some stunts along the way to activate the booster. Once, you crash in this game then the game is over and you need to restart it if you want to play it again.