Stink Bomb Madness

Your are not happy with your bomb since your boss is an ash hole. He never gives enough pay, yet he expects you to work full time with extended work hours. You got enough and decided that is time for him to pay. Well, at least to pay for the injustice that he is doing. This time, you re determined to give him what he deserves. You will bomb his house with stink bomb. Day after day, he will smell that his house stinks as you will do that everyday on his house. Each time with a different recipe and will have different level of stinkiness.

Before you can set out to drive, you need to spin a wheel. What you get on the wheel is the recipe to which you will make the stink bomb. If you are not happy with the outcome then you can spin again. Mix the recipe and now, you have a bomb. Drive your truck as fast as possible without endangering your life. Grab those coins and bombs that you see on the driveway. If you can grab all the bomb then do so. You will use the bomb to bombard the house. There are some hit mark to which you need to bomb the house. After that you will advance to the next level.