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Stone Transporter Game

Nowadays, the world is so competitive that you would need to get more than just a degree in order to secure your future. You would need to prove that you can do it else, other would just walk on you and laugh at you while you are not looking. A college degree isn’t enough to succeed in life as there are others who also needs a job. They are also graduate and to add that to the fat that they know someone influential. You would need to be friendly since your friend would help you land a job. A recommendation form a friend would really help you to secure your job.

Fortunately, you got some friends from your college days, who are not successful. When they learn that you need a job. They immediately ask you your skill, sadly you don’t’ have one yet. They got you a job as a sales man. Of course, you don’t have the skills needed. Since you are friendly, you are able to get some clients and you manage to prove yourself to your boss. You are not that happy with the job and you learn how to drive. Fortunately, you become friends with the truck driver in your company and he thought you how to handle a truck. When he retired from the service, he recommended you to the boss and you got hired as the new driver.

The idea here is to transport the rock to the destination, but that won’t be easy since there would be some obstacles. Those obstacles would take the form of rocks hill or anything that would make it harder for you. You need to overcome that to be able to get to the finish line. There is a timer and you would need to beat that to be able to get to next level. Remember that you need to take care of the ones that are loaded on the truck.