Super Car Wash 2

You just bought your very first car, but you don’t have the money for the new one, so you have settled with an old and rusty one. Anyway, that won’t be a problem especially because you are a car mechanic. You can just make any old car to run as efficient as it was before. The car need some work and you can do it yourself. You know what to do to turn that car into its good working condition. The car that you bought isn’t just a wreck, but it’s also dirty, so first you need to clean it. The game is played with a mouse. You need clean the car first, so start by clearing out the garbage on the car. Put it on the garbage can and the car would look neat and clean. As soon as you finished doing that, you can start cleaning the car itself by removing the grease and anything sticky that it accumulates throughout the years. Polish it till it is bright and people would think that it is a brand new car. But, it won’t run since the car engine needs replacing. Only after, you replace it with a brand new that you can run it. As you do that, you can have a test drive it. Remember that you should not hit anything on the road or you would start from the starting line over and over again till you do it right.