Super Heroes Race 2

Popeye and the rest of the of the super heroes want to find out who is the best among them, but they don't want to hurt one another. They decided to have a friendly competition and the safest would be a race, but this won't be just a race since it would have a beam that can stun the other. It won't hurt them, but it would slow them down. of course, none of the heroes want to hurt the other heroes since all of them want peace. This is just a friendly race and the winner have the bragging rights to do anything for a year.

This game is a racing game and the idea here is to win the race. There won't be any second place or whatever since there would only one winner. Aside from the prize money, you can grab some money from the floating box. Some of them would have money, but some wouldn't have one. You need to upgrade your character to win the next race. The next race would be more challenging as the competitors would surely get an upgrade too.

Are you sure that you can win a race against the other heroes?