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Super Truck Game

When we were younger, we were thought everything in school since your education would get you to far places. It is said that if you don’t study then you won’t get nowhere, but you were not that bright and you are just a common kid in your school. You got some friends and most of them aren’t that bright either. When you graduated from your studies, finding a job wasn’t that easy since your school grade wasn’t impressive. Add that to the fact that you would need someone to back you up and since your friends aren’t that bright, you can’t expect much help form them.

You are fortunate enough that your family got some connections and they are the ones that help you land a job as a factory worker. The work is hard, but at least, you are getting paid. The day comes when you finally have to separate from the company. God thing that you made a friend with the company driver and h thought you how to drive a truck. It didn’t’ took you long before you can land a new job. This time, you are the truck driver and it is your job to ensure the safety of the cargoes. If you lose them then you would have to pay for them so that is the guarantee that you won’t lose any of them.

In this game, the idea is to deliver the cargoes to the finish line. However, the problem is that it won’t be easy since the road ahead would need to go through a lot of mountains. In short, you might lose some of the cargoes since they would easily fell from your truck. The challenge is not to let that happen as you would need an adequate amount of cargoes to get to the next level. The game gets more challenging as you move from one level to another.