Supercar Madness

In the world, where speed is everything, you need to make sure that you are not trailing any car since that would mean that you are behind them. Usually, it would be hard to win a race if that happens. In a race, speed is everything and you can expect that every car racer knows that. You can't commit a mistake; you would be left out and eventually loose. It is already tough to win a race, left alone if you don't even know how to drive properly. If you are a newbie driver, just forget your dreams of joining a race since you might get an accident. Remember that we only have one life and we can't risk our lives just to find out if we can win a race. It is not just worth it.

In this game, it is all or nothing as you need to win against all of your rivals. You can't trail behind since that would mean that you would be left out. It is harder to catch up when you are a left behind. Actually, it is almost impossible to win if that is the case. You need to go all out or you would risk losing.