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Supercar Parking 2

If you want to park your car then do it immediately, but take note of the safety precautions you need to adhere to make it without a single scratch on your car. Parking is a competition for most people as there are lots of people with cars and finding an open space parking space is not as easy as it was during our grandparent's time. If you happen to find one then you need to secure it or somebody else would come by and take it. To secure it, you just need to park your car as fast as you can. Once your car is already parked there, then other cars won't be able to park there and they would need to find other parking space.

You need to park your car as fast as you can. After that, there would be other parking space being highlighted one at a time and you need to secure it as fast as you can. Time is at the essence in this parking game, but you also need to make sure that you won't crash the vehicle. You would get some stars depending on how fast you are able to park your car without incurring damages.