Supercar Rivals

In a racetrack, you need to exert most of your efforts since other drivers are doing the same. You would surely lose if you aren't going to do that, but the effort is just half the battle. You would also need to prepare your car, body and mind into it. Unfortunately, that won't mean that you would won the race as every driver has prepared for that. All of you must give their best and hope for the best. Of course, sometimes, we also need to prepare for the worse as there are accidents bound to happen anytime soon. That is what it takes to be a champion racer.

In this game, that is what you need to do. Drive your car as fast as you could when the signal is given. Try to be on track as much as possible being off-track reduces your speed. Try to make the shortest routes as that is the key to get as fast as you can to the finish line. That means that you need to stay close where the turns are happening. You also need to consider your rivals as you need to bump them sometimes in order to push them off-track or to a post. You get some reward money after every level and you can use it to buy better cars.