Supercars Madness

In a race, you could only depend upon yourself. Sure, you have a crew ready to help you out with maintaining the car. Aside from that, they are also there if there would be an accident, but when you are driving, you are alone and you need to be at your best condition to endure it all. Not only you need to be physically fit for the race, but you also need to prepare for it mentally. Both of these can only be achieve if you practice for a long period of time. You can't just do that you want it, you need to sweat it out and burn rubbers.

Your goal is to cross the starting line five times with the first position, but the third spot is enough for you to proceed to the next level. But, you can't expect that this will be a piece of cake. Like in the real world, no one would want to lose, so expect that the other racer would do their best too. If you are not good at maneuvering cars then you wouldn't win in this game at all. The game gets tougher and more challenging as you make some progress.