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Supermarket Parking

The supermarket is one of the busiest places in the world since there is always a lot of people there buying whatever they want. Most of them got their own ride and they are parking it close to the supermarket. But, that is the problem since the supermarket can only accommodate some of the vehicles. If you drive your car there then chances are, you might not find an open slot for your car. If that is the case, better find an open slot as fast as you can before you go to the supermarket. Once, you find one, you need to quickly park your car since it would be gone fast as you are not the only guy that is parking their car near the supermarket. It seems like an easy task, but that is harder than you think when you are in the actual situation. It is always like that.

The idea here is to find an open space wherein you can park your car in. Don't worry as there is an arrow that would guide you to the destination. However, things won't be easy as one bump is all it takes and you would definitely fail the game. Anyway, you have three tries before the game ends.