Survive Apocalypse

Earth's darkest moment is finally here as the dead are once again walking and the aliens are invading our land. It seems that there is no hope for our world. You need to escape to a safe zone, where there would be military to fight for you. The road is full of zombies and aliens walking the road, so it won't be safe. You need to put your trust on your gun and your vehicle to get you to safety soon. Your goal is to reach the finish line in each level. You can fight aliens and zombies with your gun. when you destroy aliens and zombies then you would earn money. You can also pick some money on the road. Not only that, you can also grab some fuel and other stuff on the road. You can use the money to upgrade your truck after every level. The game would be a lot harder as you make some progress, so try to upgrade your car as much as possible. You can avoid the zombies and aliens, but that won't help with upgrading since you won't get much money. You don't need to kill the monsters and alien if you don't feel like it.