Survive the Night

There are things in this world that even science can't explain, therefore, it should be leave it the way it is intended to be. At night, the things that goes bump us are powerful and they can't be stop. We either need to hide from these creatures or escape using our vehicle. It would be better if we are going to use a truck since it is heavier and has a powerful engine that we can use to drive us and our loves one to safety. Perhaps, that is the best choice if we have a truck and never go back to this small town. That is the choice that you made and you need to go with it to save your family from the clutches of these monsters.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. The night is young and the monsters are all over the road. They will try to stop you from escaping the town and eat you. Ram them down and reach the finish line. Be careful not to crash or they will be feasting on your carcass. There are nine levels in the game that you need to go through and get out of town.