SUV Challenge

Driving is always a challenge as you don't know if you can maneuver your car right to any road you are in. Actually, even those who are expert driver finds it hard sometimes to maneuver their vehicles on such tough place. There are times that even the best drivers would have a hard time to get over some obstacles. You would need all of the your driving know how to be able to get away from that spot. You wouldn't know for sure if you are a hardcore driver if you haven't experience it yet. Well, that is not something to brag about as that is just a day to day routine for some of the best drivers in the world. The question now is are you up to the challenge? Drive your car as fast as you can till you reach the end of the road. This game might look easy since there are no competitors, but that is where you are totally wrong. This game would show you how hard driving could be and would open your mind on what you could facing while driving in the mountain. The game has a timer, but you don't see it till you finish a level.