Swamp Cargo Truck

For a truck driver, more clients means more money. For that to happened, they need to gain the trust of their client. And one of the best way is to gain trust is through a great service. For them, it means that they need to ensure the safety of the cargoes. There is an old saying that maintaining an old client is harder than finding a new one, but how can you earn more if you can't satisfy an old client. Delivering the cargoes on time are important, as well. Things aren't easy, but no one gets it easy in this lifetime.

Drive the truck as fast as you can. Don't forget to practice safety precaution as you drive the truck. it is not only good for the cargoes, but for you, as well. Try to keep the distance of the truck from the trailer since a simple bump from the trailer damages the truck. The road ahead is a bumpy ride, but try not to lose any of the cargoes. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress. More cargoes that you manage to deliver, means more points for you. You can proceed to the next level if you manage to meet the requirement of the level.