Tank and Truck Trial

You are in the army now and you need to serve the community. You need to help the army win against the rebels. Well, at least, you need to do your part to help the army win the war. Actually, you don't do the fighting since you are the only driver they got. If the enemy gets you then, who would drive the tank and the rest of the vehicles in and out of the combat zone. That is the whole scenario as the army can't afford to lose you like most of the soldiers that are in the battlefield. That is how important you are in the army.

The idea here is to drive the tank that carries the truck to the other side. You need to hurry up since this game has a time. You need to beat the time in order for you to finish the game. Don't forget to use the cannon on top of your tank to destroy some debris blocking your way to your destination. You need to get there before your time runs out. If that happens then you fail the army.

The army is counting on you. Are you up to the task???