Tank Truck Driver 2

Driving vehicle is no joke as you would need to be wary of your surroundings all the time. No one can call you crazy since being aware of your surroundings makes you sure that you won't hit anything or anyone while driving. If there are pedestrians nearby then their first reaction is to stay away since no one wants to get an accident that might lead to death.

Now, if you are driving a tank truck then that would double the danger because tank truck are huge it is harder to maneuver compared to that of an average vehicle that you see on the road. Safety is a necessity when driving and everyone would benefit from it.

Drive your truck out of the parking area and into your destination. Though, there is a timer in this game, it is not necessary to hurry since the game can be finished anytime you want. It has something to do with your score at the end of the level. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress. Don't forget to avoid colliding with anything on the road. And it is obvious that you mustn't hit a pedestrian for obvious reason.