Tank Truck Driver

Water is important for us as we not only use it for drinking, but for also a lot of stuff. A limited supply of water is something that we can't tolerate, but this happens after some disasters. We can't predict what would happen, so it is no use to blame someone for that. What we could do is go on with our daily lives. We can start by ordering water from someone selling it. Usually, they got a tank truck to deliver the water in an area. However, before the water get t us, the driver need to maneuver it carefully on the road and make sure that nothing happens to the water while he drives the truck.

This game is about maneuvering the truck everywhere that needs service. The idea is to park the truck to wherever the parking space is located. The game does have a timer, but doesn't affect the game play since it is just for added points. Only after you park the truck to the designated spot, you can advance to the next level. The next level always start where you left off. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.