Taxi Dubai

Working abroad is hard as you need to make more than what you need to save money. You need the money to send to your family. You are the only one working on your family and that is a great reason, why you do need to work harder. However, we all know that making money is not that easy. And that is harder if you are working abroad since the people are very different. You are fortunate enough to learn some skills driving and driving taxi is the only way that you could make use of your skills to provide for your family. In this game, you need to prove your skills as a driver. It means that you need to show how good you are at driving taxi. Try to avoid colliding with other cars on the road as that would damage your taxi. The other cars don't seem to bother with the fact that you are on their way and would continue on even if you got bump. Your goal is bring customers to their way. There is a definite number of customers that you need to drive in order for you to pass a level.