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Team Rocket Pokemon Trainer

Team Rocket is a group of good for nothing criminals, whose intention is to steal some Pokemon. Wherever, they are in, you can expect that there will be trouble as they even steals other trainers' Pokemon. They don't care if the Pokemons are already owned. When they heard that some new species of Pokemon appeared nearby, they quickly formed a search party to look for these Pokemon. They need to catch them before the Alliance came and stop them.

This game is a truck game, wherein you will need to drive the truck as fast as you can and hurry up to catch all the Pokemon in the area. There are no timer in this game, so there will be no reason to rush. You can catch the Pokemon in the area, by just driving over them. Try not to loose the Pokemon ball at the back of your truck. Of course, you would still need to observe the necessary safety precaution so that your truck won't crash. The game will be harder as you progress because the terrain will be more difficult than the previous levels.

Are you ready to catch some Pokemons in the area?