Terrorist Despoiler

Terrorists have entered your country and now they are ready to wreck havoc. You are a soldier, who found out about their plan to put the government to its knees by bombing the building. You don't have time to tell the government about the plan since they are already loading their materials to a truck. It would be too late for the government to act. You need to act now and the only choice you got is to bomb the bridge, so the truck would fall with it. That would lead to a great cost, but that would save thousands of lives in the city.

The game is played is mouse and the idea here is to bomb the bridge, so the truck would fall. You need to put the bomb in the best location, so it can destroy the bridge. Once that you placed the bombs then you can let the truck roll. If you can't stop the truck from going through then that game is over. As you move further in the game, it becomes harder and harder.

The city needs you and you don't want the terrorists to reach the city. Are you ready to save thousands of lives?