The Grand Police Escape

Making a living is really hard and there are times when what you are making is not enough for your family. You need to find other means to make money and that is why; most people would have two jobs. Of course, that won't be easy, since that would make a toll on your body someday, but you can't let your family suffer. Then again, some people don't even care if they are not doing the right thing just to make money. Sadly, you belong to those class and you would not definitely hesitate to rob a bank or anything just to make lots of money. In this game, you are a bad guy and you need to escape the cops that are after you. There would be cops in every corner and you need to elude them. If you can see it, then you would notice that there are several arrows on the road. Some of the arrows would lead you to safety, but some would be another hindrance for you as that would lead you to your demise. Eventually, the cops would catch up to you and would gang up on your car till it explodes.