The Tractor Factor

The life of a farmer is a busy and a hard life since you are always going to attend to the needs of the farm. You might thought that all a farmer does in their life is wait till the crops are ready for harvest, but that is not the case since they need to the other needs. They might do farming one day and do something else on the next day to make their ends meet. Aside from farming, they might do some fishing on the side and hunting as well. That is how they sustain their lifestyle since they would need to wait for months before they can harvest the produce of the farm.

In this game, however, you are not going to deal with those mentioned since you are just going to drive the tractor as fast as you can till you get to the finish line. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress because of the time it needs to finish the game. You can't upgrade your tractor in this game, but that doesn't mean that the game isn't going to be hard as you push forward. There would be times that you would need to carry something that might slow you down if you are not careful enough.