Timber Lorry 2

You got hired as a new truck driver and your task is to deliver some timbers to the warehouse. You need to get to the timber area to get all the lumber and deliver it back home. It is understood that you need to do this without getting the truck scratch or that might cause your job. you are just new and this might not be a good impression to your boss. Try to acquire and deliver the cargoes to the warehouse as fast as possible. Doing this simple task is the difference between you getting fired or keeping the job for a long time.

The idea of the game is to acquire and deliver the timber to the warehouse. Drive your truck as fast as possible. make sure that you won't hit some men, vehicles, or whatever it is on the road. Once that you there in the timber area, you need to park your truck carefully. Wait till the timber are loaded and proceed back to the warehouse. The road is long, so be cautious along the way as there are other vehicles on the road. Be wary of the traffic signal to keep out of danger. Once you got to the warehouse, your truck will be attached to a trailer.