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Time to Park

Everyone seems to take parking lightly as they think that everyone can do it, but to tell you the truth, many are finding it too hard since they aren't expose to an extreme parking sessions. Most of the time, they would park their car in some loose area and that won't prepare them for the real deal. Yes, they can park their car without a problem, but what happens when they do come to an area, where they need to park their car in a tight space. Just certainly changes things.

In this game, that is what you need to deal with. On top of that, there is a timer and you need to drive and park your car on that certain area within the time limit. If you can't do that then you failed. Each parking area would be different, so you need to drive your way to the parking area to find that certain area in a parking zone. The game would be harder and more difficult to challenge you in the game. This would bring out the best in you as you are able to practice yourself and also to prepare you when you got your very own car in the real world.