Tippy Truck: Level Pack

Driving a vehicle is not easy as not anyone can master it. That is why; some people hire a driver for their automobiles. While some of them knows how to drive and just want a driver to do it for them, there are those that are too scared to drive because of something that had happened in the past. People can't really blame them since it is not easy to get over something that happened in the past. Some people can't do anything about it and would give up on the idea of driving. It is just too risky for them and they would not try it, even if their life depends upon it.

If you think that driving a normal vehicle is that hard then you wouldn't dream of driving a truck since not everyone can drive a truck. Only a few ones can drive them and are license. Getting a license for a truck is harder than any vehicle since it is hard to control. It is not the same as driving a car or anything smaller than a truck. Actually, you would not even get a license to drive a truck even if you manage to get a car license. Those things are just different.

The idea here is to drive the truck to the finish line or rather to the dark place. However, it won’t be easy as the path ahead would not make things easier for you. There are lots of obstacles before you can get to your destination. The trick is to balance your truck, but you already know that if you have played other driving vehicle games before. Your timer would continue and would not be reset once you get to the next level. It is a continuous stuff that you can do nothing about.