Tom's Fire Truck

Summer is that time of the year wherein most fire outbreak happens since the climate is warmth and all the things gets dried up so easily. When things are dried, it is easier to catch fire. Most of the time, this is what causes fire outbreak. Normally, this happen in the bush where few people lives, but that doesn’t mean that you would be much safer in the city. The city is also has several fire outbreaks since it got a lot of things that are placed anywhere. Most people don’t even cared about where to throw their garbage and that is what can start a fire.

Fireman are on duty most of the time since they know that a fire outbreak can start anytime soon. It would be best if they are going to expect it since that would help them to be much prepared when it struck. They are needed 24 hours since a fire outbreak can happen anytime, but we all know that no one can stay awake that long. They got this system wherein some of them would need to be alert on certain time of the day. Anyway, most fire truck doesn’t get wash too often since most of the fireman got their own lives too.

In this game, you get to wash a fire truck. There is no need to rush it off since there are no timer in this game. You can finish it as fast as you can. Anyway, this game doesn’t have a level, so this game can be finish fast. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to wash the fire truck that got dirtied from all the saving lives it has been through. When you finished the game, you can play it again or just leave it that way.