Tom Truck War

Tom, Spike and jerry have been longtime friends and each one of them knows one another. Though, they are always fighting, Tom and Jerry; they are still the best of friends because they helped one another. Pike is the eldest and he acts as the big brother for the two. All of them enjoys one another’s company and they would not want anything else, but to spend their moments with one another. Sometimes, they are getting into a fight, but they would make up and play again in the end. They spend their lives living with one another, so they need to be friends all of the time.

One day, they are too bored and they can’t do nothing since all of them has nothing to do that day. Tom suggested that they would have a race against each other. At first, the two were hesitant since they are not a race car driver, but eventually they all agreed to the suggestion of Tom since the latter was very convincing. They went into their garage and pick some parts to build their monster truck. Each one of them manage to build their own monster truck, but who got the best monster truck is yet to be determined. The one, who wins the race is certainly got the best truck of them all.

This is a race game and you need to win the first place or there won’t be another race. You can either choose one of the three as your character. Whoever, you choose would be your character, but all of them would be using a monster truck. The speed would determine the winner, well, at least; would get the edge over the others. There are a lot of mountains in the drive way and you need to know how to navigate through it all. The game gets more harder and much more challenging as you make some progress.