Tom Truck Wars

Tom and Jerry have been a long time pal. They might argue most of the time, but their friendship is still there and no one could separate the two. If you see them fighting most of the time, don't worry as they are not going to hurt one another since they are long time friends and friends don't hurt one another. Of course, there are times that they can't settle their differences and that is when old Spike comes in. He is like the middle guy for the two. Those three are the ultimate best friends and they like doing things together.

One day, Tom and Jerry notice that their friend Spike is really getting tired of the same thing. He is easily irritated and he don't want to do things with them. The two got concerned since they have been friends with the mutt for a long time now. He is helping them both most of the time. And the two felt that this is the time that they should help their old friend. Spike really like competing, so they thought that a race would lift up the spirit since that would challenge their friends. Of course, they would also have some fun doing it.

In this game, you need to choose between the three characters. Your goal is to arrive at the finish line first since this is a competition. Along the road, there would be cheese for grabs, but you don't really need to grab it all since it would just add a few points in your score. If you lose to any of them, then you can't continue with the game. The game gets more challenging as the two would get competitive as make some progress. Whoever, you chose, remember that you need to do your best, so you won't be beaten.