Top Truck 3

The zombie apocalypse had happened and now there are zombies everywhere. It seems that they are winning since their numbers keep on growing while the human population is slowly decreasing. It turns out that every person they killed turns into one of them. With the whole world being filled with zombies, it is harder for anyone to get from one place to another. But, that won't be a problem if you are driving a monster truck since zombies can't get the people in the monster truck. The wheels are just too big for the undead to reach the people. Zombies will be squash upon contact with the monster truck.

You can choose to opt for a game with zombies or without zombies. But, the game is not easy at all as the road ahead won't make you feel comfortable at the back seat. There are lots of vehicles parked on the road. Grab the green orbs as that is equivalent to more point while the red orbs decreases your point. This game has a time limit and you know what happens if you can't reach the finish line on time. Run over some zombies for more points that would be added to your score.