Towing Truck Parking Madness

Getting a job and parking a truck has something in common. Both of them are hard to do. Once, you got a job, do your best to make sure that you can last in that job. Don't go looking for another one as that would come. Right now, you need to keep the job as that would be right in the eyes of your future employer. It is really hard to find a job nowadays, but fortunately, you got lucky as you have been hired as a truck driver. The job isn't easy, but you can't afford to look for another job as your land lady wants to be paid.

You be driving a towing truck in this game. You need to drive the truck carefully as you could another vehicle or something on the road. That would damage the truck and when your truck takes too much damage then the truck crashes. Unfortunately, you can't slow down since the game has a time limit and you need to do three task in each level. First, you need to find the car that needs to be pound, then you need to drive the truck along with the car back to the impounding area. After that, you need to park your truck.