Towing Truck

In today’s world, you can’t be choosy in getting a job since there is too much people looking for a job. A graduate degree doesn’t guarantee you a job. You would be lucky to get a job at all. You need not to be choosy since there are many people graduating every year and there isn’t enough job for all. It doesn’t mean that because you graduated, you would get a good job. Sometimes, you won’t even get a job at all despite the fact that you graduated college. Even if you manage to acquire skills, it doesn’t guarantee you a job at all. You need to prove that you have something that the company is looking for.

A towing company is in need of a truck driver and you are lucky to own a license for a truck since it is just what they need. They need you and this guarantee a long-term job since you have the skills and it is not easy to find a truck driver. Your job is to tow trucks, naturally, you need to go and look for the vehicle that is in need of the company’s service. Though, this is your first time, the company is willing to try your skills and they hope that you would stay with them since they don’t want to look for another. This is your lucky break and you don’t want to ruin your chance.

In this game, the idea is to drive the truck near the vehicle and you would need to attach the hook that is located at the back. In most cases, you would have to do it manually, but because this is just a flash game, you wouldn’t need to do that as it would be automatically done after you got close to the vehicle.